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  • Love Hue from its food charm
    Through the videos of food & travel vlogger Khoai Lang Thang (Tramping Potato) Dinh Vo Hoai Phuong, Hue cuisine appears with a variety of forms, flavors, and fragrances.
  • The overall picture of current world heritages
    According to UNESCO data, by January, 2020, there are 1,121 heritages recognized as World Heritages, including 869 Cultural Heritages, 213 Natural Heritages and 39 Cultural and Natural Heritages (often called Mixed Heritages).
  • Vinpearl Hotel Hue lights up a heart-shaped symbol to cheer the fight against the COVID - 19
    Along with the whole system of Vinpearl hotels and resorts across the country, Vinpearl Hotel Hue (located at the 6-way intersection in the center of Hue City) has lit up the heart-shaped symbol towards the medial team, service staff, sponsors and people on the frontline against COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Private cultural spaces
    In addition to museums and art galleries, in Hue there are many private houses where talks about culture and art are usually organized.

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Uniquely amazing Hue boasts a full range of fascination for exotic styles, and experiences which makes your travel fulfilled with all prominence and perfection.


Hue City is marked by its history and turned towards modernity. It is a different city, incomparable, with a soft and cozy atmosphere, a holiday atmosphere of tranquility and serenity.With its full of fascinating destinations, you can choose any perfect places belows.