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  • Court music: leisurely and elegant
    I am especially attracted by court music instrumentalists while watching them play live. Though they do not have a carefree look like that of those who play modern music, we can still find in them the leisurely and elegant beauty of the heritage music_ Hue court music.
  • Hue proposes to recognize two more national treasures
    Hue Monuments Conservation Center and the History Museum have proposed to recognize the national treasures for two objects which are "Ngu kien Thien Mu Tu" stele and Champa Linh Thai tower's pyramid and base.
  • More new destinations, more tourist attractions
    In tourism, the novel and unique elements always attract tourists to each destination. Over the past time, many new products have been put into operation in Hue in order to attract and satisfy customers more and more.
  • Hue will be different as a green city
    What would be more wonderful than being able to live and work in a clean, rubbish-free environment with lots of green trees? If a city has this environment, it would be an ideal place to live as the planet is heating up. Hue is the place that meets these conditions.

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Hue City is marked by its history and turned towards modernity. It is a different city, incomparable, with a soft and cozy atmosphere, a holiday atmosphere of tranquility and serenity.With its full of fascinating destinations, you can choose any perfect places belows.