Time-travel into the past to admire the pristine beauty of Hue Heritages.
A visit to Hue is extraordinarily sentimental and historic because it is where one can feel as if time has seemed to slow down, and wonderfully travel back into the past, marvelously finding oneself having immersed in the solitude of this ancient imperial city.
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During my stay in Hue, I went around the city on a rented old motobike. Hue is a city that does not need condominiums, but perhaps I would never want some plain-colored cube-shaped apartments, so boring that they become heartless, to show up in thisquiet city. Just imagine multi-story apartment blocks and resorts mushrooming in the beautiful lots of land on two sides of the Huong river, near to Thien Mu pagoda, can fill me with frustration.

Visiting Hue, if you don’t go outside the city center, you wouldn’t need a motorbike. A cyclo ride would do. Hue is small, and you will go through all of its streets in no time. Even in rush hours, the streets still look peaceful as in a love song music video. During Hue Festival, the streets would now and then become a little more crowded with a procession or an outdoor show.

The mystical atmosphere of the ancient imperial city

Visiting Hue, one feelsas if time had slowed down, as if one was time-travelling to the past,to find oneself immersed in the solitude of the ancient imperial city. I love so much watching cyclos, motorbikes and cars passing through the city’s gates, the scene lookinglike a gigantic movie screen coming alive in front of my eyes. In summertime, the streets are even more quiet. And thatis when the romantic visitor feels “Hue” the most. The trees are shadowing the streets along the Huong river. The sun is shiningradiantly on the historical walls of Ngo Mon square.

At noon time, wandering alone in the citadel, I heard my footsteps echoing as I approached